The Mozilla mission & the values we stand by

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Mozilla Foundation logo

Mozilla is a non-profit (yep, no stocks, no shareholders, no profit margin to meet :) ) organization like no other. Mozilla brought open source to the masses and continue to do so, guided by the principles and values enshrined in its Mission and Manifesto. Mozilla’s mission is to promote openness, innovation and opportunity on the web and as such continues to innovate for the benefit of the individual for the betterment of the web so that it always and forever serves the greater good. Support Mozilla to build the browser that puts you first: become a Mozilla Supporter or Contributor or drop the  Mozilla Ghana team a line at mozghana – at – gmail – . – com.

The video below explains spirit behind Mozilla’s ideals and mission. Enjoy!

Change your Firefox language to Akan/Twi

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Firefox Akan Locale

Hi there!. Have you ever wondered why all (or most softwares) come in English. Do you wonder whether a major software you use can come in a local dilect? Well then wonder no more, or just dont wonder too much :) . The localization department of Suuch (kasahorow), Ghana-based technology consulting company, recently launch an Akan/Twi language pack for Firefox.

Language  Packs allow you to change the default language Mozilla products come in. It also comes with a dictionary to check your typing!. This language pack is wonderful and do check it out. Follow the steps below to Akanify your Firefox now! Use it and post a comment when you are done ;)

  1. Download Locale Switcher, its an addon that makes it simple to change the browser’s locale (Click here to get it)
  2. Download the Akan Language pack form AMO (
    ~ Select “Let me install this experimental add-on” .
    ~ Add to firefox is enabled, click to download.
  3. Click Restart Firefox when download completes.
  4. Click on Tools > Languages > Select Akan.
  5. Restart Firefox for changes to take effect: Close Firefox, click “Save and Quit”. Then open Firefox again.
  6. Voila! Firefox is now Akanified. Enjoy.

Checkout the screen shot below:

Firefox 3.6 with Akan locale enabled.

The guys at AnLoc(The African Network for Localisation) have also done a good job localizing Firefox 4 to Akan early. You can download Firefox 4 with out the box Akan support at . I will put up a post on how to be involved with localization soon.

Stay tuned!

Mozilla at NSBE Sci-Tech Fair 2011

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Each year the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), KNUST Chapter organizes a fair to bring together technology and engineering industry stakeholders in Ghana and student to provide students an opportunity to be informed about these companies. This year’s edition was organized in collaboration with the Science Students Association (SCISA) hence bringing together two great Colleges of KNUST the Colleges of Engineering and Science. Provosts of both colleges graced the occasion and each shared their thoughts and ideas on the theme for this year’s event: “Unearthing the Creative Potential of the Youth through Successful Implementation of Technology”. Touching on the advancement of technology, its impact on our society and how we should actively harness this potential for national development.

Present this year were some industry power houses in technology and engineering, such as Mantrac Ghana limited, Millicom Ghana Limited operators of the mobile communication network tiGO, the Advanced Information Technology Institute – Kofi Annan Center of Excellence (AITI-KACE) and Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST).

Mozilla Ghana Community was in attendance as well. We showcased the upcoming Firefox 4 and to share ideas on how they can take part in the community web enthusiasts who want to see a better web for everyone. The participants were enthusiastic and by close of the day more than 100 people had submitted their names to contacted on how they can get involved to support Mozilla!

The Mozilla Community Stand at Sci-Tech Fair

Visitors to our stand always weren’t sent away empty handed :)

Daniel Appiah-Adjei the awesome Student Rep for KNUST, Kumasi.

Me, (Kwamena) talking about how participants can get involved with Mozilla.

NSBE/SCISA Sci-Tech fair was awesome, the people, the talks, the interactions, I am already looking forward to next year’s event!