Change your Firefox language to Akan/Twi

February 24th, 2011 by mozillag with 1 Comment »
Firefox Akan Locale

Hi there!. Have you ever wondered why all (or most softwares) come in English. Do you wonder whether a major software you use can come in a local dilect? Well then wonder no more, or just dont wonder too much :) . The localization department of Suuch (kasahorow), Ghana-based technology consulting company, recently launch an Akan/Twi language pack for Firefox.

Language  Packs allow you to change the default language Mozilla products come in. It also comes with a dictionary to check your typing!. This language pack is wonderful and do check it out. Follow the steps below to Akanify your Firefox now! Use it and post a comment when you are done ;)

  1. Download Locale Switcher, its an addon that makes it simple to change the browser’s locale (Click here to get it)
  2. Download the Akan Language pack form AMO (
    ~ Select “Let me install this experimental add-on” .
    ~ Add to firefox is enabled, click to download.
  3. Click Restart Firefox when download completes.
  4. Click on Tools > Languages > Select Akan.
  5. Restart Firefox for changes to take effect: Close Firefox, click “Save and Quit”. Then open Firefox again.
  6. Voila! Firefox is now Akanified. Enjoy.

Checkout the screen shot below:

Firefox 3.6 with Akan locale enabled.

The guys at AnLoc(The African Network for Localisation) have also done a good job localizing Firefox 4 to Akan early. You can download Firefox 4 with out the box Akan support at . I will put up a post on how to be involved with localization soon.

Stay tuned!