Firefox 4 launch party at KNUST

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011 at 1:12 am by mozillag

Firefox 4 launch party KNUST, a set on Flickr.

If you missed it, then well you missed big time!!! The Mozilla-Ghana Team had an awesome time with students from Computer Science and
Engineering to celebrate the launch of the latest, freshest, awesomest browser from Mozilla, Firefox 4.
There was loads of food and drinks and swag to go round to make the event memorable. To prelude the festivities I gave a (short :) ) presentation and demo of the latest features baked into Firefox 4; the fresh UI, the App Tab, improved privacy and security, Panorama, and my personal favorite Firefox Sync, check out more on the new features in Firefox 4 here. I also shared on Firefox for mobile (Android, iPhone and Nokia N900) but was without one to demo with :( .  Then the fun began with music, chatter, drinks and munchiest. Music rocked, people talked and everyone was happy to be there, fun! fun!! fun!!! :)

If you missed this event I bet you don’t want to miss any other Mozilla-Ghana event, subscribe to the mailing list to be posted, and share your thoughts and ideas. Subscribe at: Thanks to everyone that was present, and to the NSBE-KNUST chapter for all their help and support.

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